About Genova Bakery

Genova Bakery was founded by Angelo Rolleri in 1918. Over the time, Genova Bakery has been a family-owned, value-driven bakery in the heart of Stockton, California.


An old world Italian deli serving made-to-order sandwiches & breads from our historic corner storefront. 


Our vision has not changed since the day that we opened: Create the best breads ever!

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The Best Bread For Over 100 Years

What We Offer.



Genova Bakery has the most experienced group of bakers in the San Joaquin Valley – come on by and smell what’s baking.
Che buono!

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Fresh bread meets fresh ingredients - our sandwich artisans can put together any sandwich in just minutes. Come on in for lunch. Delizioso!

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Grocery Store

Craving Italian? Genova Bakery’s grocery has all the authentic Italian staples you need to prepare your very own masterpiece.
Bon appetito!

What Our Customers Say.