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Genova Bakery has the most experienced group of bakers in the San Joaquin Valley – come on by and smell what’s baking.

With our fresh bread meets fresh ingredients - our sandwich artisans can put together any sandwich in just minutes. Come on in for lunch.

Craving Italian? Genova Bakery’s grocery store has all the authentic Italian staples you need to prepare your very own masterpiece.

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From left to right, Enrico Rolleri, Mike Amodeo, and John A. Rolleri in 1980.

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The German crafted brick oven used by Genova Bakery for over 70 years.

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Angelo Rolleri and his niece-in-law Edna Rolleri during the 1950s.


Meet Tim

Tim Canevari started working with Genova Bakery during high school. In 2004, he took over as owner of the business and has continued to evolve Genova Bakery’s legacy, carrying the vision Angelo Rolleri imagined over 100 years ago. Tim is the epitome of hard work and dedication – his attention to quality and consistency is evident in every product at Genova, from each loaf of bread, to the freshly imported Italian delicacies that line the store shelves.

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